Shanghai Redfox Plastic Packaging Inc.

PE,PP,PVC Bottle

Features and Application:

LDPE, HDPE, PVC and PP blowing bottle types.
Various types including cylinders, boston round, sprayers and many more, custom shape accepted.
Sizes ranging from ¼ oz. eye dropper bottles to 1 gallon F-Style containers.
Multiple neck sizes
Custom printing and labeling options available.
Low to high volume orders, ranging from 5,000 to 10,000,000 units.
Expedited lead times with strategic stock and release program.
Use for Cosmetic, Personal-care, Beauty, Household, Daily-use, Foods,
Pharmaceutical, Health & Nutraceutical, Animal Care, Automotive and Industries etc.

MODEL CAPA. (ml) NECK# DIA. (mm) H. (mm)
JF-018 5ML   1.6cm 3.7cm
JF-019 5ML   1.6cm 5.0cm
JF-022 5ML   2.0cm 4.2cm
JF-023 5ML   1.7cm 4.5cm
JF-030 8ML  1.6cm 1.8cm 4.4cm
JF-020 10ML   2.0cm 5.0cm
JF-025 15ML  1.7cm 2.0cm 7.4cm
JF-021 20ML   2.5cm 6.0cm
JF-017 20ML   2.4cm 6.2cm
JF-036 20ML 1.4cm 2.4cm 6.0cm
JF-008 25ML 18/410 3.0cm 6.4cm
JF-024 30ML   2.4cm 8.4cm
JF-007 30ML 18/410 2.7cm 7.5cm
JF-009 30ML   3.0cm 7.0cm
JF-010 30ML 1.5cm 3.0cm 7.2cm
JF-011 30ML 1.9cm 3.0cm 6.6cm
JF-012 30ML 20/410 3.0cm 6.7cm
JF-037 35ML   3.0cm 7.4cm
JF-013 50ML 24/410 3.4cm 8.5cm
JF-001 60ML 22/410 4.0cm 7.6cm
JF-002 60ML 20/410 3.6cm 8.2cm
JF-003 60ML 24/410 3.4cm 8.5cm
JF-004 60ML 20/410 4cm 8.5cm
JF-005 60ML 18/410 3.6cm 8.6cm
JF-033 60ML 5.9cm 3.8cm 7.0cm
JF-006 70ML 24/410 3.4cm 9.2cm
JF-026 70ML 2cm 1.6cm 9.9cm
JF-028 70ML 2cm 1.6cm 10.5cm
JF-038 70ML 2.33cm 1.6cm 9.65cm
JF-039 80ML 4.1cm 1.6cm 7.95cm
JF-029 100ML  2cm 1.6cm 11.5cm
JF-027 100ML  22/410 1.6cm 11.3cm
JF-031 100ML  2.3cm 1.6cm 12cm
JF-032 100ML  2cm 1.6cm 13.7cm
JF-034 100ML  2.12cm 1.6cm 10.2cm
JF-014 110ML 24/410 1.6cm 10.1cm
JF-015 110ML 24/410 1.6cm 10.1cm
JF-016 110ML 24/410 1.6cm 10.1cm
MODEL CAPA. (ml) NECK# DIA. (mm) H. (mm)
JF-101 120ML 2.32cm 4.2cm 12.2cm
JF-102 120ML 2.32cm 3.95cm 12.9cm
JF-103 120ML 2.3cm 4.6cm 10.0cm
JF-108 120ML  1.8cm 4.7cm 11.6cm
JF-129 140ML  5.0cm 4.7cm 8.4cm
JF-109 150ML  2.38cm 5.0cm 11.3cm
JF-110 105ML  5.2cm 4.6cm 10.0cm
JF-107 160ML  2.33cm 4.15cm 16.0cm
JF-130 160ML  3.5cm 4.5cm 10.4cm
JF-104 180ML 2.3cm 5.3cm 12.4cm
JF-105 240ML 2.3cm 5.7cm 12.95cm
JF-106 200ML 2.3cm 4.3cm 18.7cm
JF-111 200ML  2.36cm 5.0cm 14.0cm
JF-113 240ML  2.34cm 5.0cm 15.5cm
JF-114 250ML 2.38cm 5.0cm 16.5cm
JF-115 250ML 2.31cm 5.0cm 16.5cm
JF-116 250ML 2.31cm 5.0cm 16.5cm
JF-117 250ML  2.45cm 4.9cm 15.4cm
JF-118 200ML  2.0cm 5.5cm 12.5cm
JF-119 240ML 3.7cm 5.0cm 15.3cm
JF-120 250ML 2.3cm 5.0cm 17.4cm
JF-121 250ML 2.7cm 5.5cm 14.1cm
JF-112 300ML  2.33cm 5.15cm 18.0cm
JF-127 480ML  2.3cm 6.0cm 20.4cm
JF-122 500ML  2.65cm 6.2cm 22.5cm
JF-123 500ML  3.2cm 7.0cm 19.5cm
JF-124 500ML  2.5cm 6.25cm 21.3cm
JF-125 500ML  2.5cm 6.25cm 21.3cm
JF-125 500ML  2.35cm 6.1cm 20.7cm
JF-128 550ML  5.25 7.35cm 18.1cm